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Hi there, my name is Madison Wright. It is impossible for one to think, love, or sleep well if you have not been well-fed, and in this case with the best of foods. I’m a culinary art professional and has worked in the hotel industry for over 10years, my love for trying out different combinations of foods started when I first visited Italy as a teenager and was presented with some of the most iconic foods.

Healthy options

Brocolli is equipped with large amounts of proteins when compared to steak, thus a healthy option with less risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Apples, on the other hand, are stuffed with fibers, carbohydrates, mineral content, and vitamin C thus a good source of energy. So instead of coffee how about you munch on an apple when you feel like you are going low on energy, welcome to Tinyeat.

Tinyeat is all about food, and here you will be provided varied information from unique recipes developed by qualified professional chefs, to detailed procedures on how to prepare never before tasted drinks and cocktails such as the flaming Spanish coffee that only takes five minutes to prepare and 5 mins to cook; meaning that in ten minutes you will be enjoying your hot glass of sweet flaming Spanish coffee that has incorporated about 1 to 2 ounces of rum and can be garnished with chocolate shavings, whipped cream, or brandied cherries.

Food is what makes us whole, they provide our bodies with nutrients necessary for running the different functions of the body, such as growth and encourage activity. Food also helps in digestion, keeps us warm, and helps in the repair of the body while boosting the immune system. Our mission, therefore, is to equip people with the relevant knowledge and bring out the master chef in them.

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Cocktails and drinks

Cooking and making drinks can seem easy but when you get down to business, you realize that the farthest you can go is make the boiled foods or the simple recipes. Making cocktails and drinks is not exactly a walk in the park and that is why we have consolidated varied information on how to make the different types of drinks; you will, therefore, find comprehensive information on various categories such as the bartending cocktails, beers, wine and the non-alcoholic drinks and mocktails.

Whenever you visit a bar; there is always so much admiration and awe when the bartender unleashes their drink mixing skills, and we are always left wondering how they get the right proportions of the various drinks without using a measuring cup. At Tinyeat you will, therefore, find cocktail recipes such as how to make a watermelon keg, a jungle bird cocktail, and the superman shot among others.

Other relevant information that you can use to your advantage are the extensive excerpts on the best Hollywood cocktails that you can make if you love hosting parties. And for those who are living in cold environments, you have been provided with fantastic ways on how to make the best hot chocolate thus excite your taste buds.

Best foods for different occasions

Apart from the general food information, we have also compiled information on the best foods that you can serve in different occasions, such as Christmas, the best recipes that will excite your family members taste buds during thanksgiving, Halloween, on the new years eve and for the birthdays. In short, is that we have the perfect recipes by occasion and all you have to do is choose your celebration and you will be provided with the relevant information.

Tinyeat has dedicated a whole page to its audience that features tutorials on how to cook the various foods complete with the varied terms used in the kitchen; apart from the above you will also learn the names of some of the unique cuisines. For example, have you ever heard of andouille? Well, it is a large sausage derived from a pig’s digestive tract, this food is loved by the Locals in France; at Tinyeats therefore, we will hold your hand and give you advice on how to buy the best andouille, how to cook it and the various recipes.

And if you feel like you need to boost up your cooking skills then you can subscribe to Tinyeats email service and receive tips and expert advice daily, which will help elevate your cooking skills. And for people who don’t love reading so much and would appreciate information that is accompanied with illustrations, then swing by the cooking school and you will be furnished with illustrated cooking guides and recipes.

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How to prepare restaurant foods at home

Dining out is a fun way of catching up with friends and family as you indulge some of the best meals from your favorite restaurant but when dining out isn’t an option more especially with the current economic hardships don’t let that put barriers between you and your favorite people. Instead, just swing by Tinyeats where you will find variations of foods and turn your home into one of the best restaurants by making some easy to cook foods with the recipes provided.

Cooking also entails organization, if your kitchen is not organized before you start cooking then you are going to have a hard time getting anything done. At Tinyeats therefore, we will give you some of the best tips on how to organize your kitchen by storing foods with regard to their expiration dates. There are also some important tips on how to organize your refrigerator, such as labeling the items that you plan to save with a marker, there is actually a lot of information on how to organize both your fridge and freezer.


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Kitchen cabinets and drawers

Additionally, you will be provided with more information on the orientation of your kitchen cabinets and drawers, and how you can organize the utensils that you use the most to be within reach. And, do you know that a wrong posture while working or cooking can lead to long term back problems, we have, therefore, provided detailed excerpts on the best work station and how you can set up your cooking stove and the refrigerator.

We have also covered the arrangement of the counter when cooking such as the placement of garbage bowl, and how to prepare your cooking surface which in the long run ensures that your food comes out as it should and saves on time. Without a proper cooking plan like assembling all your ingredients then you might end up hating cooking as you will take longer. And, as you move from point A to B looking for the relevant spices then some of the food will most likely get burnt.


While cooking might not be a thing for many trying out the various simple recipes can make your short stay in the house memorable. Go by Tinyeats and learn a few tricks on how to make the best drinks for the Friday evenings and how to make simple meals. And for as much as you might not like cooking, a well-arranged kitchen can bring out the chefs in your household members, therefore, learn some kitchen arrangement tips and tricks at Tinyeats.