Can Chocolate cake go bad?

Regardless of the type of cake, eventually, cake goes bad after a certain period of time. However, the time period of which it could last before it gets spoiled entirely depends on a great number of factors which we shall discuss in this article.

Cake is an essential part of any celebration. Be it a birthday, graduation, wedding, baby shower; name it. Also, cake can just be part of your dessert or breakfast. Sometimes it is even a craving. Chocolate is among the most delicious cake types and you may want it to stay longer in your kitchen so that you are able to devour it as you wish.

So, can chocolate cake go bad? Yes. Generally, your chocolate cake can sit out for a while before it gets spoilt but how you store it may affect its vulnerability levels to spoilage.

To begin with, how long can chocolate cake last for?

The shelf life of your cake is heavily dependent on the sell by date that is recommended by its manufacturer or the baker, the preparation method you use and how you store the the same time, your chocolate cake only lasts as long as the fastest expiring ingredient in your recipe.

If your chocolate cake is directly from the bakery and it has either fresh fruits or whipped cream, it can last on your pantry for 1-2 days, in the fridge for about 2-4 days and in your freezer for about 2-4 months. If it is fruit cake, then it may last for a longer period of about 3-5 years as directed by the manufacturer.

Pantry/ cupboard shelf
Bakery cake (plain)
1-2 days
2-4 days
2-4 months
Chocolate cake with fresh fruits
1-2 days
2-4 days
2-4 months
Chocolate cake with whipped cream
1-2 days
2-4 days
2-4 months
Chocolate fruitcake
1 month
3-5 years
3-5 years

What causes chocolate cake spoilage?

Unlike other foods that are quick to spoil, chocolate cake shows some kind of resistance to general forms of spoilage. Leaving out your chocolate cake to sit out may without any protective layering may cause it to dry out and become stale. This however, doesn’t mean that it is completely spoiled as you can use different ways to moisten it and make it edible again.

Any part of your chocolate cake that has moisture trapped in between, can potentially cause its spoilage. For example, it there is moisture between your chocolate cake and the plate you have used to hold it, or maybe in the container that you have stored in. the accumulation of moisture on your chocolate cake gives room for mold to develop. Once your cake has, mold it becomes entirely unsafe for human consumption.

Also, there are times when the fillings and toppings of your chocolate cake may be accompanied with perishable ingredients such as fresh fruits, whipped cream or egg-based custards. These ingredients make your cake vulnerable to mold formation as well.

How can you tell when your chocolate cake goes bad?

Through tasting, smelling and looking into the appearance of your chocolate cake, you can tell whether it is bad, rotten or spoiled. When you notice a strange smell coming from your cake, then it is an indicator that it may have started getting spoiled. In addition to that, when you taste it and you identify a stale taste then there is a possibility that it is going bad.

Aside from that, when you are chocolate cake is dry, it may indicate signs of spoilage and when you notice mold over the cake then you can deduce that it is rotten. If its fruits have started having a slimy texture, it also shows that your chocolate cake is bad.

How can you store chocolate cake so that it can last longer?

To extend the shelf life of your chocolate cake and prevent it from going bad, you should either wrap it in plastic wrap/aluminum foil or store it in a tightly closed container. This would keep out air and moisture which would prevent the formation of bacteria on your cake.

Alternatively, for a more durable storage solution, you should freeze your chocolate cake after putting it in an airtight container. Freezing it would preserve its texture and taste at the same time.

Final thoughts

If stored in the wrong conditions, chocolate cake can go bad. You should always note that chocolate cake only lasts as long as the quickest ingredient to expire. Therefore, a quick solution would be to avoid the ingredients and a long term solution would be to freeze the cake.


Can old chocolate cake make you sick?

When you leave chocolate cake to sit out on your pantry for too long, it becomes dry and stale but when you eat it, it will not make you sick.

What would happen if you eat expired cake?

In the event that you eat expired cake, you may experience a mild stomach ache or food poisoning.