Pasta vs. Noodles – Are they the same?

Often, people refer to pasta and noodles interchangeably. After all, they look more or less the same, and both have a delicious taste. These two types of foods have several similarities, but are they the same? While growing up, I never understood the difference between pasta and noodles. Personally, I thought that noodles was a … Read more

Are Starburst Vegan?

How Vegan friendly is the candy you choose to consume? Being vegan means complete abstinence form the use of animal products. Not only in your diet but also in the candy that you choose to consume. This brings us to the question on whether Starburst are vegan. Being on a vegan diet would have you … Read more

Is coconut milk Keto friendly?

Usually, milk contains lactose which has high sugar content that could potentially affect your blood glucose levels. This clashes with the idea behind the Ketogenic diet that intends to lower your blood sugar and insulin levels as it shifts your body’s metabolism from carbohydrates to high fat foods and proteins. Keto is a high fat, … Read more