Starbucks House Blend vs Pike Place – And other Starbucks coffee blends

We all love our morning cup of coffee and with so many different blends, coffee beans, and brands, it can be a bit hard to know what makes one cup of coffee different from the other. Starbucks is one of the biggest coffee houses in the world that not only sells coffee but also brings people together.

Starbucks coffee beans have a rich flavor that will satisfy your coffee craving and with so many coffee blends, you’re spoilt for choice. Starbucks coffee is usually associated with a burnt and bitter taste because they mostly use dark roast in preparing their coffee. However, if you compare the Starbucks house blend with pike place, you’ll notice they have very distinct flavors and tastes. The house blend variety is a well-balanced medium-dark roast coffee with a perfect balance of cocoa and nutty flavor, while the pike place is a darker roast that is smooth and well balanced with a nice blend of chocolate notes and a toasted nuts flavor. Both coffee beans come from Latin America.

Different coffee roasts have different taste notes even when you’re using the same coffee beans. The coffee beans with a light roast are acidic and fruity and those with a medium roast are sweet and balanced. They both have lots of flavors since the tasting notes haven’t been burnt completely. Starbucks mostly use dark roast for their coffee that gives the coffee a burnt, bitter, and strong flavor. And since most of the flavor is lost during roasting, using lower quality coffee doesn’t have a strong impact on the flavor.

Starbucks house blend

House blend is the original blend from Starbucks that has remained the same for the longest time. This is a well-balanced medium-dark roast coffee that comes from Latin America. This coffee doesn’t have a lot of acidity and the fact that it’s medium-dark means it’s not too full or too light. This is a better coffee blend than some of the dark roast coffees. It doesn’t have the bitterness you’ll find in coffee, instead, it has a sweetness so you don’t have to add sugar to your coffee. It has a rich caramel flavor which is a balanced blend of cocoa and nut flavor and the touch of sweetness ties it very well together so you can drink your black coffee without adding any sweetener, cream, or milk. The house blend is also perfect for making a sweet cup of espresso. These coffee beans are known for their consistent quality and taste.

Starbucks pike place

If you’re looking for medium roast coffee that has a delicious flavor, you should make a cup of pike place coffee. It’s a smooth, well-balanced blend that has a nice combination of toasted nuts flavor and chocolate notes. Although it’s strong and full-bodied, it has brighter notes that give it a less heavy taste. Its balanced taste makes it perfect for your morning boost from bed, afternoon pick me up, or after dinner caffeine hit. This coffee blend is also aromatic. It’s got from Latin and pacific America, and its strong flavor makes it perfect for decaf.

This blend combines toasted nuts and cocoa to create a delicious nutty but chocolaty flavor that further brings out the flavor of your coffee. The flavors are so well balanced that there’s no dominant note so you’ll detect all the undertones with every sip you take. These beans are quite oily so you should be cautious if you’re going to use a super-automatic machine to brew your coffee. The only downside to this blend is that it’s a simple blend with nothing unusual or complex about it.

Differences between Starbucks house blend and pike place

House blend
Pike place
Cocoa and nut flavor
Chocolate and toasted nut flavor
Best used for
Black coffee with no sugar or espresso
Decaffeinated coffee


The Starbucks house blend is the very first blend from Starbucks that was created in 1971, but pike place was created in 2008. House blend has a deceptively simple flavor and a well-balanced medium roast that will create coffee that doesn’t have too much acidity. Pike place is also a medium coffee with a smooth and balanced taste that is well rounded with hints of chocolaty notes and toasted nut flavors and house blend also has that cocoa and nut flavor. Compared to house blend, pike place is less acidic and less flavorful which makes it softer on your palate and if you compare it with any typical Starbucks bold coffee, it’s quite weak.


Both Starbucks house blend and pike place are from Latin America and are both medium roast coffee blends, but house blend is a medium-dark roast that gives it a significant body that isn’t too full or too light. Although pike place is also strong and full-bodied, there are brighter notes that give the coffee a less heavy taste. House blend was the first Starbucks blend that was made in 1970 but pike place was created in 2008 with well-rounded notes of cocoa and toasted nuts to give you smooth balanced notes with every sip of your coffee.

Best used for

Starbucks house blend and pike place are excellent coffee beans that you can use to make the perfect cup of coffee you want. House blend has a deeper flavor which makes it perfect if you’re looking for a strong cup of coffee in the morning, while pike place is less acidic and flavorless which makes it perfect if you just want a nice cup of coffee in the morning, afternoon, or after dinner. Pike place is oily so it’s also aromatic and will make a nice cup of decaf while house blend would be perfect for making a strong cup of espresso coffee.

Other types of Starbucks coffee beans

Starbucks French roast

This is one of the most popular Starbucks coffee blends because of its intense smoky flavor since the coffee beans have been roasted at higher degrees until its almost burnt. This gives it a robust and bold taste with smoky dark flavors that isn’t too acidic. Although it has a bold flavor, you won’t detect any bitterness in your coffee. These coffee beans are oily so you should clean your coffee machine at least every morning. This coffee roast is mostly used with French presses and drip machines that take time to draw out the flavors in the beans and since the roast is complex, you can’t use the beans to make an espresso.

Starbucks Italian roast

This is a darker roast that is specifically for making espresso. This roast is fuller-bodied with a bold flavor and is made to retain the sweetness and intensity of the coffee beans. Its deep flavor is still present even when you prepare a cup of coffee with cream or milk. If you struggle to wake up in the morning, a strong cup of Italian roast will be enough to give you the boost you need.

Starbucks Komodo dragon

This is a roasted dark blend that offers a more complex flavor and aroma. The coffee beans are got from Indonesia and are infused with an earthy and herbal aroma to give you an interesting and fiery taste. This is a unique and interesting blend that is strong and full-bodied that has the perfect balance of spicy and earthy flavors with underlying notes of cedary herbs and spices. These are oily beans that you can use to make any kind of espresso.

Starbucks breakfast blend

If you’re not so specific about your coffee and just want a nice cup of coffee in the morning, this medium roast is perfect for jerking you awake. It has a smooth and balanced taste with a rich flavor and just enough strength you need for a boost. This blend is a lighter roast which is more acidic that gives you a tangy and astringent flavor and blends well with your eggs and bacon.

Starbucks Caffe veronica

Ifyou don’t often drink coffee at home but just want something satisfying you can use when the need arises, this roast blend is perfect. This blend is on the lighter side, but the dark roasted beans balance out everything perfectly. This blend is made with beans from South America and Latin America which combines a lighter and darker roast to give you a unique blend that balances it strong and rich full body without having the acidity or bitter after taste.


The Starbucks house blend has strong and delicious cocoa and nutty flavor that is perfect if you’re looking for a strong cup of coffee in the morning. Pike place is a lighter blend with a less intense flavor that will make a nice cup of decaf. However, the Starbucks house blend has a better flavor and taste that isn’t too full or too light and infused with sweetness so you can take your coffee without adding any sugar.


Is pike place roast strong?

This coffee blend has a great taste that you’ll enjoy drinking and it’s a stronger coffee blend so you won’t have to use it as much as other blends.

What kind of roast is pike place?

This is a delicious medium roast blend that has a smooth body and subtle flavors of cocoa and toasted nuts.