Weber Summit vs. Napoleon Prestige Pro – Which is the better grill?

The right grill is as important as the right ingredients: it will not only influence the process and experience but also the result. Here, I am going to take you through 2 very popular series of grills both of which are very well equipped. Take a look at Weber Summit series vs. Napoleon Prestige pro grill.

One popular tradition I have carried forward from my single days is hosting regularly at my house. If you are a stickler or perfection like I am, then you know how difficult planning and following through can be. Hi, my name is Name and I have been a caterer and even self proclaimed best hostess, at least among my friends and family. Over the years, I have become invested in finding the right grill to suit my hosting needs. Today, I am going to take a critical look at two very popular grill series, from different manufacturers. Take a look at Weber Summit vs. Napoleon Prestige Pro, for a review and comparison of what each series of grills has to offer. We will delve into both series, reviewing what each has to offer, so we can successfully compare the two.

What are the differences between the Weber Summit and the Napoleon Prestige Pro?

Weber Summit
Napoleon Prestige Pro
Product variation
Build quality
Best special feature
Proximity lighting feature and safety LED lighting knobs
Price Range
Medium to high
Medium to high to very high

Weber Summit vs. Napoleon Prestige Pro – How they differ

The Summit and Prestige pro series are a capable range of grills each with its own pros and cons. Here are some of the differences between them.

Product variety

To start us off is the simple difference in the number of members on each series. The Napoleon Prestige Pro series of Grills boasts only 3 members whose features improve drastically even with the limited number of items. Alternatively, the Summit grills series is considerably large, with the grills sharing some fundamental Weber features with various incorporations, improvements and even changes made to different models. Some people tend to prefer a wider product variety for a wider selection to choose from.


Another notable difference between these grill series is the difference between the most expensive and the least expensive option. We are taking about Price range. The prices within the Prestige pro series range steeply. With a difference of over 2000 dollars, the grills within this range can get pretty pricey as the grills become even more featured.

Weber Summit vs. Napoleon Prestige Pro – A comparison review

Weber Summit – Overview and key features

The summit series is a range of capable gas grills without a shortage of a variety of features. Weber describes the summit series as a line of grills met to blow any expectations you may have of these grills out of the water. That’s very big talk if you ask me. Some of the across the board features on the models within this line of equipment includes: sturdy exterior with included side burners: on most of the models, stainless steel parts and much more. There are many members of the Summit series. However, here are some of the most popular models, and with good reason.

Summit E-470

This Gas grill by Weber is a hard working kitchen appliance with a sizeable kitchen where you can try all sorts of recipes. One of the biggest selling points for the E-470 is the sizeable cooking area this appliance offers. There is a lot you can do with the four burners on this grill.

Other important features in the E-470 include a 48800 BTU per hour input on the, the sear station reaches BTU/hr input of 10600. This grill is fuelled by natural gas, and comes with an included supply hose. In fact it includes porcelain-enamel lid, and stainless steel parts including various , rods, and even the side tables. You may rely on the 4 lighted knobs. Other incorporated convenience features ensure you can hang necessities around the grill without worry.

Summit Grill center

As one of the Summit Series’ most pricey grill, you can expect a variety of pro features in this massive grill. The Summit grill station is literally a fully equipped kitchen with all the space and functionality this appliance offers. The grill is equipped with a solid stainless steel body in addition to stainless steel parts to ensure high performance in addition to durability.

The simplest way to describe Weber’s Summit grill station is that it is big and it is beautiful. Incorporated adjustable parts with other surprise features like the tucked away system for rotisserie cooking make ensure can try all sorts of recipes without worry.

What we like

  • A lot of grills to choose from
  • Wide array of features

What we don’t like

  • Each grill is exclusively powered why either natural gas or propane


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Napoleon Prestige Pro – Overview and key features

The simplest way to describe this series of grills with three words: luxury, for and function. At least that’s how Napoleon describes the Prestige pro grills. All the members within this line are available in two fuel type options: natural gas and propane formats.

However, before we can go into the individual models, let’s review the Napoleon features common to each of these models. First off is one of my favorites: the proximity lighting feature. With this, the grill lights up as it to welcome you for a cooking session. Additional safety lighting available in a wide range of colors on the. Napoleon calls this feature the LED night light control Knobs which with it limitless colors make cooking in the evenings or night quite simple. As a safety precaution, these lights will remain on, and in a red hue to ensure you are aware ht gas is left on.

Moreover, the grills within this series come with the president limited warranty. With this warranty, certain parts of the grill are warranted to be free from issues/defects. Other parts have 5, 10 or even 2 year coverage.

500 RSIB

This is the smallest and least advanced model on the prestige pro series. The capacity, capabilities and features incorporated into the Prestige 500 RISB professional grill . Apart from the iconic Napoleon features: some of which I mentioned above. Napoleon describes the 500 RSIB as the total grilling package.

665 RSIB

If you ever dreamed of using your grill as an oven, then the 665 RSIB is just for you. This grill has superior heat retention abilities which allow oven like conditions. Obviously, the grill is made with. I like to describe this model as the intermediate between the . With a 18 by 3 inch cooking area and 99,000 BTU’s. With this specs, this grill can handle a lot, especially during those events.

825 RSBI

The crown jewel of the Prestige Pro series is the 825. Not that the other two grills aren’t capable, this is the largest and most advanced grill on this series. You can enjoy this well sized fully equipped grill that not only accommodate all your recipes, but also your equipment. The space and convenience on this grill is enough to entire any grilling enthusiast. There are many levels to this luxury grill that ensure that it keeps performing at the capacity it does.

What we like

  • It’s a line of luxury
  • Durable stainless steel body
  • Proximity lighting

What we don’t like

  • There are only 3 members on this series


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Now let’s compare the Weber Summit Series Summit Grill Center to the Napoleon Prestige Pro 825 RSBI

Weber Summit Series Summit Grill Center
Napoleon Prestige Pro 825 RSBI
60,000 on main burners
Snap-Jet Individual Burner System
Instant Jet fire ignition
Cooking Area
624 square inches

769- Total Cooking area in square inches

18 x 28.25 inches & 18 x 18.25 inches



Both the Weber Summit Series and Napoleon Prestige Pro series are